Indoor Air Pollution

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Indoor Air Pollution

By brunoplumbi21505787, Apr 26 2017 03:38PM

Most Homeowners are interested in energy conservation. Sealing living spaces more tightly and reducing ventilation may help to conserve energy but it also traps irritants. Indoor air pollution is a serious problem in our homes as well as commercial buildings.

Normal activities like cooking, heating and cleaning, release gases and particles, some of which are definitely unhealthy. These gases seem to linger in our "energy-tight" homes. The effects of these particles can be seen in a soiling film that slowly coats walls, furnishings and drapes. This can lead to human discomfort. Another gas that is harmful and can be found in almost any home is formaldehyde. This generates from furniture, building materials, and insulation. Other troublesome particles floating in indoor air can be caused by dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, animal dander, bacteria, viruses, skin flakes and carpet fibers. Indoor air pollution can make life miserable for those with allergies. Studies show that our children are even more susecptible to the detrimental effects of air pollution particles than adults.

Changing filters regularly in your heating and air conditioning system helps to remove larger particles but if clean air is really important to you, you might want to consider your options on a total home active air purifier.

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