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ROOTX - The Root Intrusion Solution

By brunoplumbi21505787, Mar 7 2017 06:40PM

Your home's sewer pipes are built to handle the nasty stuff, but they are no match for tree roots! Over time, sewer pipes can crack or joints can separate causing entry points for aggressive thirsty roots. Once the roots get in to the sewer pipe they can block the flow causing expensive nasty backups or even sewer pipe replacement.

How It Works:

RootX unique foaming action means roots don't stand a chance!

The Rootx product is a two part formula that comes in one innovative container. Once you add water to the RootX formula, the special ingredients create root killing foam that leaves coating on the roots and pipe walls which not only kills the roots but also stops their regrowth for a period of time. Unlike other products, RootX reaches the top of the pipe where 90% of the root intrusion occurs.

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